Hey there! My name is Chris and I’m the one that created Home Advice Magazine.

My goal with this site is simple. To offer you no BS, practical guides and reviews on different homecare subjects. My team of passionate writers and I regularly publish how-to guides, product reviews, and other pieces of content that will hopefully give you the inspiration to tackle those home-related projects that have been put off for too long.

No matter if you want to read about the latest vacuum cleaners, or if you would like a step by step guide to install your new laminate flooring I aim to help you get the info that you need.

Why Trust Us?

I’ve always been somewhat of a handyman. Ever since I got my first toolset when I was 9 years old, I’ve been fixing stuff around the house. I started working in construction when I was just 16 and have since moved into a management position where I train a lot of new hires.

My experience working in the construction industry for so long has given me experience in so many different home improvement situations. My wife and I even custom built our own house after moving to a new city. I’ll post pics of it soon when I add a page for projects that I’ve done myself.

Our Process for Reviews

We take great pride in offering ultimate guide type reviews on many different categories of products. We not only review the highest quality products, but also give useful information on how to use them for your projects.

The main things we look at when reviewing are performance, user ratings and affordability. We also keep in mind that people have different budgets so some products will be labeled as the “budget choice”, “premium choice” and so on.

The bottom line is that we don’t include products in our reviews if we wouldn’t use them ourselves.

It takes us quite a long time to put together reviews because of all the testing involved. But in the end it’s all worth it when we get positive feedback from our readers!