Best Broom For Hardwood Floors: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Hardwood floors in a home can make the entire space look more expensive and well-designed. Not only do they last a long time, and hold up to impacts and scuffs, but they also look fantastic in any home. However, with the price of real hardwood floors being much higher than most other options, you want to ensure that you are taking care of the wood properly.

This means that you need to clean your hardwood floors with brooms that won’t mark or scratch the wood’s surface. You don’t want to spend all that money on new floors, only to cause them damage while cleaning them.

We tested fifteen brooms that are marketed as safe to use on hardwood floors. Not all of them made the cut though.

Keep reading to see the top 10 that perform as advertised.

10 Best Brooms For Hardwood Floors (Updated)

O-Cedar Power Corner Large Angle Broom

The O-Cedar angle broom is an eco-friendly and hardwood-safe option that has double bristles that help to clean up hair and dust better than regular brooms. The longer bristles help keep corners clean and dust-free while the shorter bristles get rid of dirt and particles efficiently. This keeps you from having to go back and sweep the same area twice.

The shape of the bristles also helps to sweep up more fine hair and dirt by having a flared tip that can reach the smallest particles. The Memory Bristles are made to stand straight even with heavy use and won’t bend or become misshapen easily. The bristles are made from recycled plastic and offer a green option for those wanting to help the environment while keeping their floors clean.

This broom is also manufactured in the USA, so you are supporting American workers with the purchase of this broom.


  • Made from recycled materials
  • Double bristles for better sweeping
  • Flared bristles get fine dirt
  • Bristles stay straight with heavy use
  • Made in the USA
  • Mid-range price for premium product


  • Doesn’t include a dustpan
  • Requires assembly for use

O-Cedar Professional 18″ Multi-Surface Push Broom

This O-Cedar professional push broom is a large option that is ideal for great rooms, large dining areas, and open spaces. The length of the broom’s head is 18 inches, which will sweep up a wide area with ease. The bristles have two layers that each help to get rid of different sized particles on the floor at the same time so you don’t have to go over the same area more than once.

The handle of the broom has an anti-rotation socket in place that keeps it from turning while you are sweeping. This will help stop the handle from being twisted off while you’re sweeping and ensures that it won’t loosen. The bristles are made from recycled plastic which makes this option an environmentally-friendly choice.

The bristles are plastic but are softened for use on delicate flooring. This keeps the bristles from causing scratches on hardwood floors while cleaning.


  • Soft bristles for hardwood-safe use
  • Push broom ideal for large spaces
  • Two layers of bristles for maximum pick-up
  • Bristles made from recycled plastic
  • Handle has an anti-rotation socket


  • Doesn’t come with a dustpan
  • Box for delivery is very large

Sangfor Broom and Upright Dustpan Set

This Sangfor broom and dustpan set is a great value option that comes with everything you need to get your cleaning done. The dustpan is upright with a long handle so you do not have to bend down to sweep up the dirt and dust. It also has comb teeth that are situated at the top of the dustpan that allow you to clean the bristles of the broom as you clean. This cuts down on cleaning time and gets you done faster.

The broom and dustpan both have handles that are made from stainless steel and are resistant to rust and damage. They also have extendable handles with segments that allow you to extend or lower the handle according to your height. This makes it customizable for any user’s height and reduces the amount of strain from bending and sweeping.

The broom has bristles that are soft and will not scratch or damage the surface of hardwood floors. The bristles are also made to last so that, although they’re soft, they are durable enough for daily use.


  • Value option with mid-range price
  • Includes dustpan and broom in set
  • Handles are adjustable and made from stainless steel
  • Dustpan has comb teeth for bristle cleaning
  • Bristles are soft and durable
  • Durable enough for daily use


  • Handle sections tend to loosen easily
  • Bristles don’t have dual sizes for maximum clean-up

TreeLen Dust Pan and Broom Combo

The TreeLen dustpan and broom are a set that offers a bigger dustpan and broom for larger homes and spaces. The longer handle allows for sweeping without needing to bend at the waist, which prevents strain on the body. The handle is made from tough plastic that will last a long time and also comes with a hole for hooking onto a broom hanger for easy storage.

The dustpan comes with comb teeth that let you clean the broom’s bristles of debris as you sweep. The dustpan also has a rubber lip that keeps it flat against the floor as you sweep dirt into the dustpan so you’re not leaving dust on the ground afterward. It also locks in an open position so it is easier to empty after you are done sweeping.

The broom handle snaps into the handle hook on the dustpan for easy storage with both of the pieces together. This keeps them from taking up more space in the garage or storage area.


  • Larger option for bigger homes
  • Long handle to keep you from needing to bend over to sweep
  • Tough plastic construction for durability
  • Holes in handles for hanging storage
  • Broom has soft but strong bristles for better cleaning
  • Handles snap together for smaller storage spaces


  • The comb teeth takes a few sweeps to clean the broom
  • Rubber lip takes some pressure to work properly

Evriholder FURemover SW-250I-AMZ-6

This Evriholder is a broom that is specially designed for pet hair and works wonders on hardwood floors. The rubber bristles are different from the traditional plastic ones, but they grab onto the hair and dust better. The side of the broom also has a built-in squeegee edge that also allows you to clean up spills. This can also be used with water for mopping small areas.

The handle has telescoping abilities which allow you to adjust the height to whatever works perfectly for you. The handle can also be shortened for easy storage in smaller areas. The rubber bristles of the broom also make it easier to clean after you’re done sweeping. To get the hair and dirt off the bristles, you simply wash off with soap and water.


  • Works great for pet hair
  • Rubber bristles grab onto dirt and dust better
  • Built-in squeegee edge for spills
  • Can work as mop as well
  • Telescoping handle for adjusting height
  • Easy to wash bristles after use


  • The handle tends to get stuck
  • Handle doesn’t lock in place

AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Broom for Industrial Use

This AmazonBasics broom is an option that can be used for both residential and industrial use. The strong plastic handle stacks together for extension and retraction to adjust to the exact height needed for the user. The handle can also be completely broken down for storage if needed. This option has plastic bristles that are durable enough for regular outdoor use as well.

The broom has a slight angle that makes it much easier to get into corners and other hard to reach places. The length of the handle and the flat design of the broom also allows you to sweep under kitchen appliances and furniture throughout the house to allow you to sweep the whole house if necessary.


  • Usable for industrial and residential spaces
  • Handle can be extended or retracted as needed
  • Handle can be taken apart for compact storage
  • Plastic bristles are durable for heavy use
  • Broom angle allows for sweeping in corners
  • Flat design for getting under furniture and appliances


  • A bit heavier than most options
  • Bristles are for outdoor use but don’t work well for leaves

SWOPT Standard Multi-Surface Angle Broom

This SWOPT angle broom is a multi-surface option that works well on hardwood floors. The bristles are made with a medium stiffness that allows you to use it on softer surfaces and hardwood with the same results. The bristles are stiff enough to be used on outdoor surfaces without sustaining damage. The angle of the bristles also lets you use it in corners to clean every inch of the house.

The handle of this broom is interchangeable with other SWOPT handles, so you can choose to purchase others if needed. The handle locks into the base of the broom to make it sturdy when in use and won’t come loose. With the interchangeable handles, you also have the option to buy multiple bases for the same handle so you’re able to use a mop base with your existing handle.


  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Bristles have a medium stiffness
  • Can be used on outdoor surfaces
  • Angled broom allows for corner sweeping
  • Interchangeable handle
  • Secure locking technology for handle


  • More expensive than other options
  • Doesn’t come with dustpan

Belleford Broom and Dustpan Set

The Belleford broom and dustpan set is an option made for those who want a versatile product for their home. With the ability to use this broom on hardwood, carpet, and other surfaces, you can use it for whatever you need. The broom’s handle is made from strong steel for maximum durability. The set comes with a dustpan that also has a steel handle.

The dustpan has a bristle cleaning strip that you can use to clean off the broom between rooms. The dustpan also has a rubber strip on the front of the pan to allow for better cleaning without leaving debris or dust on the ground after sweeping. It can also stand up on its own when you need to leave it for a moment. This also helps make it easier to empty the pan after use.


  • Includes broom and dustpan
  • Usable for multiple surfaces
  • Steel handle for durability
  • Rubber strip on dustpan for better clean-up
  • Dustpan can stand on its own


  • Heavier than many other options
  • The bristles are a bit thin

Lonffery Broom and Dustpan Set

The Lonffery broom and dustpan set is a soft brush option that is delicate on hardwood floors and works best for lighter particles and debris. The soft bristles ensure that even heavy use will not cause any surface damage to the floor. The handle of the broom and dustpan are both aluminum for the longest durability. The bottom of the broom has a magnetic unit that attracts to the dustpan for easy storage.

The dustpan is made from hard plastic and can handle a lot of weight and impact before breaking. This makes it extremely durable. It also comes with a brush cleaning strip that allows you to clean the dirt and dust off the bristles so you can continue cleaning. The handles also have a curved shape that makes it more comfortable to hold onto for a longer time.


  • Soft bristles for use with delicate surfaces
  • Handles are made from aluminum
  • Magnetic unit in handle attracts to dustpan
  • Dustpan is made from hard plastic
  • Brush cleaning strip for bristles
  • Curved handle shape for better comfort


  • Lightweight build makes it feel flimsy
  • The size of the broom head is small

Mastertop Broom and Dustpan Set

This Mastertop broom and dustpan set is a mid-range option that offers great cleaning for a good price. The broom has short bristles that allow you to clean fine dust and dirt on any surface with ease. The angle of the bristles also lets you get into corners and other hard to reach spaces for a better deep clean. The broom head is extra wide and allows you to pick up more at once.

The handle of the broom and dustpan is made from metal and will stand up against bending and breaking. The broom has three full rows of bristles that pick up more at a time, and the dustpan has a bristle cleaner that lets you wipe the dirt into the pan without skipping a beat.


  • Mid-range price option
  • Short bristles for closer clean
  • Angled bristles allow for corner cleaning
  • Extra-wide broom head
  • Handles are made from metal
  • Three rows of bristles


  • The broom head tends to twist while sweeping
  • Instructions for assembly are difficult to understand

What to Consider Before Buying a Broom For Hardwood Floors

Finding the best broom for hardwood floors shouldn’t be difficult, but with so many options, you might get overwhelmed. You should narrow down your choices by weeding out the good from the bad by looking at these features.

Bristle Material

There are different bristles for each broom, and they are made from many materials. Searching for soft plastic, rubber, or PET won’t harm your hardwood as harder materials would. Ensuring that the broom you purchase has softer bristles that won’t scratch your wood flooring will keep your wood looking like new.

Also, some options like rubber bristles will actually create static that draws hair to them. Considering this will help you make your final decision. The softer the material is, the less chance it has of damaging your floors. So, looking at what the bristles are made from is one way to tell if it is a good option for your hardwood floors.

Comfort of Handle

The height and shape of the handle can affect how you feel when you use the broom. Cheaper options often have straight handles that can be harder for your waist when you are making a sweeping motion for a long time. Having a handle that has a curved shape will help keep strains from occurring.

Also, the height of the handle will also affect your comfort as you use it. If the handle is too short, then you will have to bend over to use it. This can be hard on your back and cause you to feel sore the next day. However, having a handle that is too long can make it awkward to hold. So, you want to get a broom that has a handle height that works for your body.


Purchasing a new broom that will work for your hardwood floors is easy with this complete list of options. Each one offers different pros and cons, but with our reviews of the best brooms for hardwood floors, you will find the choice that works the best for your wood floors in less time.

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