Best Broom For Laminate Floors: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Within recent years, laminate flooring has become a very popular option for homeowners on a budget. This type of flooring may not be real wood, but it has the look and feel of wood with the added benefit of being extremely durable and resistant to scratching and other damage.

Laminate floors are also easier to clean (read more), but you want a broom that will get all the dirt and dust off of them to keep up the appearance of being real wood. So, we’ve taken a look at many different options available today and narrowed them down to the top choices. These brooms for laminate floors will get all the particles and dust off the floor so you spend less time cleaning, and it’ll make your floors look like real wood.

With so many choices on the market, we wanted to cut through the lesser options and give you the best of the best right off the bat. With the options that we chose, you can find the broom that’ll work best for your home’s floors and keep your laminate looking like new. So, here is our list of the best brooms for laminate floors.

Best Brooms for Laminate Floors (2021 Update)

Quickie Bulldozer Rough Surface Upright Broom

The Quickie Bulldozer is a great value option that offers wonderful performance and will keep your laminate floors spotless. This broom is specifically designed for rougher surfaces and can be used for indoor or outdoor areas. This also means that it is tough enough to use on laminate floors to remove all the dirt and particles that get on it. The angled bristles will also get into the corner spaces nicely.

The stiff fiber bristles will work well to pick up all hair and debris without needing to go over the same area multiple times and it can be used on mud or spills as well to break up hardened materials. This is particularly great for families with young kids. The bristles are easy to clean and can be washed by hosing them down.

The powder-coated steel broom handle is durable and will not break or bend easily. This makes it a strong choice that will last for years of floor cleaning and more.


  • Low price for a premium product
  • Designed for rough surfaces
  • Angles bristles for corners
  • Stiff fiber bristles for mud and hardened dirt
  • Bristles can be hosed down to clean
  • Steel handle for durability


  • Does not include a dustpan with purchase
  • The handle is very short

TreeLen Combo Set Upright Broom and Dustpan

This combo set has both a broom and a matching dustpan for easy cleaning. The upright dustpan can stand on its own when you need it to. Unlike many other dustpans, this one doesn’t have a handle that allows the pan to move angles, so this one stays in the same position. This might make it a bit harder to move around, but it makes setting it down much easier.

The handles for both the dustpan and broom are extra-long and are about 40 inches in length. The broom handle also comes with an optional extension piece that allows it to reach up to 50 inches in length for taller individuals. The bristles of the broom are soft but tough and can handle sweeping every day without bending or snapping off.

The dustpan has a cleaning strip that lets you wipe off the bristles as you sweep. Cleaning the broom can slow you down when you’re sweeping a large area, so this is great for making the whole process take much less time.


  • Broom with matching dustpan
  • Upright dustpan with long handle
  • Extension piece for broom handle, if needed
  • Angled bristles can be used for corners
  • Bristles are softened, but durable
  • Dustpan has cleaning strip for bristles


  • Rubber grip on dustpan doesn’t seem to do very much
  • Higher price than other options

CM Concepts Set with Self Cleaning Bristles

The CM Concepts set is an option that is ideal for a larger house and big, open areas. The broom and dustpan are both extra-wide and allow for more debris to be picked up before having to empty the dustpan. This keeps you cleaning for a longer time to finish quicker. Both the broom and dustpan are constructed from durable materials like stainless steel for the handles and high-quality plastic for the dustpan and broom. The handle is also extendable for those who are taller than your average user.

The dustpan has a rubber strip at the end of the pan that hugs the floor and keeps debris from being swept under it when cleaning. There is also a bristle cleaning section on the dustpan that lets you wipe the bristles of debris as you work to get you done sooner. This set also has compact storage capabilities with the option to fold up the dustpan and clip the broom onto the handle.

This storage option will let you hang the set in a cleaning cabinet or the wall of your garage. Although this set does not come pre-assembled, it comes with comprehensible instructions that will make the process simple and easy.


  • Ideal for larger houses
  • Broom and dustpan are extra-wide
  • Handles are constructed from stainless-steel
  • Rubber strip for easy sweeping into dustpan
  • Bristle cleaner strip on the dustpan
  • Folds up for compact storage solution


  • Does not come pre-assembled
  • Higher price than other options

Kelamayi Extendable Broom and Dustpan Set

This Kelamayi set is an extendable option that is designed for any height user. The handles of the broom and the dustpan can be adjusted to fit your exact height and can help prevent strain and soreness from having to bend down while you sweep. The handle of the dustpan is built at an angle, which also helps to prevent strain and makes it more comfortable for your hands to hold it.

The bristles on this broom model are great for laminate floors because they are heavy-duty and would be too tough for real wood. The bristles come in four rows and are made from recycled PET for the highest strength and durability. The dustpan also has a self-cleaning strip that allows you to wipe the bristles off into the dustpan for easy clean up while sweeping.

The dustpan has a rubber lip that is flush with the floor and makes sweeping debris into the pan much easier. The lip also makes it so you don’t have to sweep multiple times to get all the particles. The broom handle can snap together with the dustpan to make it easy to store.


  • Extendable handles for adjusting to height of user
  • Dustpan handle is at an angle for comfort
  • Heavy duty bristles for precise cleaning
  • Bristles are made from recycled PET material
  • Dustpan has cleaning strip for bristles
  • Rubber lip keeps debris from going under the dustpan


  • Does not come pre-assembled
  • Instructions for assembly are not great

Homemaxs Broom and Dustpan Set

The Homemaxs set is a premium choice that is made for maximum durability. The handles are both 52 inches in length and won’t cause you to bend over to sweep. The broom’s bristles are made from PET material for the highest strength and durability. The PET material is also recycled, so it is easier on the environment than other materials available.

The PET bristles also stop water absorption so they last longer than other materials. The dustpan is made from tough, durable plastic that will last longer and comes with a rubber grip that lays flat against the ground to prevent dust from being swept under the dustpan. It also comes with a bristle cleaner that lets you wipe off the bristles as you sweep to cut down on time spent cleaning.

The compact design lets you hook both handles together so you can hang them up or store them in a closet and take up less space.


  • Premium product with long durability
  • Long handles for broom and dustpan
  • Bristles are made from PET materials
  • Dustpan is made from hard plastic
  • Bristle cleaner helps keep broom from collecting debris
  • Compact design for storage


  • The broom is not made for a large room
  • Bristles are all the same length

Mastertop Broom and Dustpan Set

This broom and dustpan set from Mastertop are a comfortable option that will work for your laminate floors without causing soreness in your waist or sides. The dustpan handle is tilted and makes it easier to move it around and position it without needing to bend over to sweep up the debris. This keeps you from getting sore from constantly bending and moving your waist to sweep.

The broom has an extra-wide head that lets you pick up more debris at one time to get the job done faster. The broom’s bristles are made from tough plastic and will work to pick up all hair and dust better than other options. The angled bristles also allow you to sweep the corners of the house with ease.

The dustpan also comes with a brush cleaning strip that lets you clean the bristles as you sweep so you don’t have to stop working to clean the broom. The broom and dustpan handle snap together to allow for compact storage.


  • Angled handle for comfort
  • Won’t cause strain
  • Extra-wide broom head
  • Plastic bristles for durability
  • Angled bristles for corner sweeping


  • Broom handle isn’t angled like the dustpan’s
  • Comes with higher price than other options

SANGFOR Dust Pan and Broom Set

The Sangfor set comes with both the broom and dustpan. The handles of both units are extra long and can prevent taller users from needing to hunch over to sweep. The handles are also made from stainless steel and are very durable for heavy use. The bristles of the broom are softer than some other options, which is good for use with pet hair and fin dirt.

The broom is an average size that will work for any size space, but the dustpan is extra-large and can handle a larger space without having to be emptied more than once. The dustpan has a lower lip made from rubber that prevents debris from being swept under it and a bristle comb that can be used to clean off the bristles to continue sweeping without stopping.

The handles of both the broom and dustpan have a hole on the top for hanging on the wall for easy storage.


  • Includes both a broom and dustpan with price
  • Extra long handles for taller users
  • Stainless steel handles for durability
  • Soft bristles for better hair and fine dirt pick-up
  • Extra-large dustpan for large rooms
  • Handles have a hole for hanging on the wall


  • The handle’s end tends to come off easily
  • The price is a bit higher than necessary

AmazonBasics Angled-Bristles Heavy-Duty Broom

This product is a heavy-duty option that’s built to last through industrial or commercial use. However, with residential use, you can use it for years without issue. The broom handle comes in multiple pieces that can be taken apart and adjusted for user height. This also makes storage easy and compact if space is an issue.

The bristles of this broom are extra tough and made to be used frequently, so they won’t bend easily. The bristles are angled so you’re able to use it to sweep in the corners of every room. The durability of this broom also lets you use it outdoors if you would like to do so.


  • Heavy-duty option
  • Handles can be adjusted to height
  • Becomes compact for easy storage
  • Bristles are extra strong for outdoor use
  • Bristles are angled for corner sweeping


  • Lightweight construction may feel flimsy
  • Bristles will begin to break if used outdoors often

Chouqing Dust Pan and Broom

This Chouqing set is an adjustable option that allows you to extend the handle, if needed, to get to hard to reach areas. This also allows you to adjust the height for taller users. The heavy-duty bristles are great for large areas and sweeping up hardened mud or dirt on the floor without causing damage. The bristles come in four rows that provide extra cleaning power.

The dustpan is built from plastic and is very durable, but also has a rubber lip that is flush against the floor to keep debris from getting underneath it. There is also a built-in bristle scraper that cleans the bristles of dirt and dust before sweeping again. The broom also has a clip that attaches to the dustpan handle to make storage more compact.


  • Handles are adjustable for user height
  • Heavy-duty bristles for indoor and outdoor use
  • Bristles come in four rows
  • Dustpan has rubber lip
  • Built-in bristle scraper for cleaning
  • Broom clip attaches to dustpan handle for storage


  • The rubber lip doesn’t tend to work very well
  • The set might feel bulky to some users

UDAODFA Premium Broom Set

The UDAODFA set comes with soft bristles and an adjustable handle. The bristles are made from recycled PET bottles and is not harmful to the environment, which makes this a green option. The set doesn’t come pre-assembled, so you can choose the right height for you right off the bat. You can also take the pieces apart for storage if you have a compact storage area.

The dustpan is constructed from plastic and is able to handle a heavy weight. It also has a bristles scraper that helps you clean the dirt from the bristles so you can keep sweeping without stopping. There is also a silicone lip that sits against the floor to help keep dirt and dust from getting under the dustpan. The bristles of the broom are extra-strong and can be used indoors or outdoors.


  • Soft bristles for fine dirt
  • Bristles made from recycled PET bottles
  • Adjustable handles
  • Comes apart for compact storage
  • Comes with bristle scraper
  • Has silicone lip


  • Does not come assembled
  • Not ideal for larger spaces

What To Think About Before Purchasing a Broom For Laminate Floors

Before spending money on a new broom, you want to ensure that you’re getting what you pay for. Making sure that you have a durable option that will work for you is important. So, below are some things you should take into consideration before deciding on a new broom for your laminate floors.

Bristle Material

The type of bristles that will work for what you need depends on the floors you have. Luckily, unlike other materials, laminate flooring does not damage easily (except with water) However, this doesn’t mean that you want to choose the hardest material. You want a mix of strength and softness to be able to scrape off hardened dirt but also pick up fine hair and dirt.

Making sure that you look for quality materials like PET or plastic to ensure that you’re getting good material. You also want to steer clear of rubber options because they tend to make marks on laminate flooring. These marks will come off, but you don’t want to make the cleaning process longer.

Overall Comfort

Sweeping can often take a toll on your back and waist muscles. This can make it a chore that you want to avoid, but having a broom and dustpan that are more comfortable for you to use can help prevent this. Handles that allow you to adjust the height can keep you from hunching or bending over. This will make it more comfortable to sweep and not cause you to feel strain in your muscles.

You also want to look at the handles of the broom and dustpan to ensure that you can easily hold both handles. Straighter options may be more uncomfortable when you have a lot of sweeping and angled handles can make it easier to clean for a longer time. There are also some curved options that are made to align with the natural curve of your hands which will be even more comfortable.


Trying to search for the best broom for laminate floors can seem difficult with so many different choices available, but with this concise list of the best options, you can find the one for you in no time. Use our buying guide to help you decide which broom is the right choice for you and purchase the best option to use on the laminate floors in your home.