Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors: Reviews & Buyers Guide

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Everyone wants clean, dazzling floors to show off to guests. With today’s technology, it’s not difficult. Many different ways exist to bring out the best look your floors have to offer.

However, it can be difficult to find an answer that both looks good and won’t damage your flooring. Many homeowners know the damage chemical cleaners can do to perfectly healthy floors.

That’s where steam mops come in. They utilize hot steam to remove the unwanted debris and grime from floors. This steam-cleaning method doesn’t use chemicals and takes a stance against traditional floor-cleaning formulas.

Because the process of creating steam reaches such as high temperatures, the mops sanitize and disinfect your floors. Even the toughest bathroom stains and pains are easily removable after a few quick swipes with a steam mop.

This guide was created to bring you the best steam mops for tile floors. Believe it or not, not all steam mops are created equally. Each one has different benefits and downsides and some may be specifically designed for certain things, such as tile floors. Although, you’ll find many steam mops that are effective at tile floors as well as other surfaces.

Best Steam Mops for Tile Floors (Updated)

The best steam mops for tile floors come in many shapes and sizes. This next section houses the reviews for the 10 best steam mops for tile floors.

Pay attention to the differences between each of them. Descriptions, key features, and pros and cons will be listed.

Keep reading beyond the reviews for helpful insight on what to consider when purchasing a steam mop for tile floors.

Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop

Bissell PowerEdge Lift Off Hard Wood...
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If you’re looking for a steam mope that can do more than simply tackle tile floors, the Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off is a great option.

This steam mop comes with a lift-off cleaner that is compatible with a total of 13 different attachments.

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If you’re a pet owner, you’ll find the additional benefit of the odor eliminating disks that are featured on this steam mop. These disks work to remove pet odors and other smells from the area. Not only does it work to remove the smell, but it also replaces it with a fresh fragrance to brighten the overall atmosphere of the area.

An integrated scrubber is included as well to help remove tough spots. Use this to help remove stuck-on stains that have dried and clung themselves to your floor.

The chord length comes in at 25 feet, making this steam mop a force to be reckoned with even in large areas. Don’t worry about having to constantly unplug and re-plug in the steam mop as you go from area to area, 25 feet is more than enough distance to get your steam mop to most areas with large rooms.


  • It comes with a lift-off cleaner that is compatible with many different attachments. This adds a ton of versatility to this mop.
  • The integrated scrubber will help you easily tackle even the toughest debris and stains that find themselves on your floors.
  • The microfiber cleaning pads that are included with this steam mop are washable, so you won’t have to spend extra time and money constantly replacing them.
  • It will heat up within 30 seconds, a relatively low time compared to other steam mops and steam products.


  • The increased attachments through the lift-off cleaner are great. However, they can make the steam mop feel a little bulky and clunky to move around when in use.

Sienna Luna Steam Mop

DOKER Steam Mop Cleaner - Handheld...
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The Sienna Luna Steam Mop is another versatile, multi-purpose steamer.

It doesn’t offer as many attachments as the Bissell PowerFresh listed above, but it’s a little more affordable and a heck of a lot easier to move around.

It’s a relatively simple steam mop, yet excels at cleaning tile floors with ease. It delivers 1500 watts of steaming power within a few seconds, making it a quick and easy solution to messes and stains that need to be cleaned quickly.

The water tank is 15.2 ounces or 450 milliliters. This moderate amount of water may need to be replaced more often than other water tanks, but the decrease in weight will make this easy to transport throughout the home or building.

If you have a household that is filled with the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, consider storing the Sienna Luna Steam Mop in a central location. This can make tackling messes as they occur a breeze.


  • Extremely easy to transport and set up in different locations. This will help you fight multiple messes in different areas faster and decrease the response time to the worst accidents.
  • The power chord is 25 feet long, making it great for large rooms that need cleaning.
  • Its simplicity makes it easy to maneuver and carry, you won’t feel burdened by dragging this steam mop around.
  • A carpet glider kit is included to help you fight messes even on areas that aren’t tile floors.
  • It’s simple to assemble, no tools will be needed. When this product arrives, you’ll be steam cleaning in no time.


  • It doesn’t include many extra useful features. It’s fairly straightforward and doesn’t include some attachments that make cleaning surfaces other than flooring easy.

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

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The O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop is a great choice for those who want an affordable steam mop for tile floors. It’s rather simplistic, so don’t expect the full package when it comes to attachments and versatile features. But, it does the job well and tackles stains on the tile floor well.

It’s designed to be lightweight, so don’t worry about having to transport it around. It weighs approximately five pounds and will is extremely flexible when it comes to transportation.

The head is shaped like a triangle. This is a bigger deal than you may think. The triangle-shaped head allows it to get into tighter areas. Nooks, crannies, cracks, and crevices will all be better handled through this type of shape.


  • The snap-on carpet glider helps this simple steam mop shine at what it does best – cleaning your flooring.
  • It’s designed with a triangular head to increase its effectiveness at fighting messes in hard-to-reach areas.
  • It’s relatively affordable when compared to its competitors.
  • The weight comes in at five pounds, making this easily transportable for most adults as well as children.


  • It’s not incredibly versatile because it lacks attachments and compatibility with them. If you’re wanting something that can tackle tile floors and more, you should look for a product that is designed for more than this.

Steam Mop Cleaner ThermaPro 10-in-1

PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1 with...
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The ThermaPro 10-in1 is exactly what you might think it is – a 10-in-1 unstoppable cleaning machine.

It’s great for tile floors but can also handle even tougher-than-average surfaces. However, that’s fairly standard for a multipurpose steam mop.

The ThermaPro takes it one step further. It’s able to clean stainless steel, grout, stone, and even concrete. You won’t find that kind of rugged durability and toughness in almost any other product in this category.

This 10-in-1 steam mop is ideal for commercial or outdoor purposes, but will also fit well into a household selection.


  • It’s great for commercial and residential purposes because of its versatility.
  • Its tank size is fairly large, making long-term cleaning projects easier. You won’t have to constantly stop and refill the tank supply and then wait for even more for the water to heat up.
  • It’s extremely lightweight, weighing a little more than two pounds. Take this steam mop anywhere without having to worry about lugging around a large, bulky, product.
  • Powerful enough to heat quickly and fight stains and messes that are tougher than usual.


  • The power behind the ThermaPro comes at a cost. It will use more in power consumption, which can be an annoyance if you find the messes the ThermaPro is tackling are a bit underwhelming for its power.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet...
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The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is the best overall choice for those looking for a wet-dry vacuum and steam mop for residential purposes.

It’s designed to target tiles, along with other types of flooring. This makes it extremely versatile within the average consumer’s household.

Because it’s also a vacuum cleaner, expect this product to weigh significantly more than the others on this list. The benefit of this is that it’ll be able to hold a much larger amount of water and debris. The water tank holds 28 ounces of water and the dirt tank can contain 14 and a half ounces of debris.

This means you won’t have to be constantly refilling and emptying your vacuum, you’ll be able to use it multiple times before cleaning of the product itself is required.

Of course, as you may have noted, it’s also designed to specialize as a pet cleaning solution. It uses a multi-surface pet brush roll and pet hair strainer to remove hairs, dead skin, and other debris and particles that pets leave behind. If you find your household constantly covered in the shavings of your beloved pet, it may be time to consider finding a steam mop to help you.


  • The water tank is 28 ounces, making it great for multiple uses before a refill is required.
  • It features a 25-foot cord to help it reach the corners of most rooms.
  • You’ll be able to vacuum and wash your floors at the same time. This dual-threat makes it effective at handling most stains without extra assistance from accessories or tools.


  • It’s fairly heavy because of the inclusion of a dry vacuum. It may be too much if you’re simply looking to target tile floors.

Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop...
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The Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop is going to be your best friend if you find yourself constantly cleaning throughout the day.

It’s lightweight and small enough to be transported by the vehicle or simply carried through any building. If you find that there is hard to reach an area, don’t fret. It comes with ar removable handheld steamer to tackle areas that are hard to reach or that aren’t the floor.

This can make steam cleaning on the go a viable option. It’s the neat freak’s dream.

There are three levels of intelligent steam control that features. This allows it to dust, mop, and scrub any mess.

Beyond tile floors, it can also handle other types of floors.


  • Features a removable handheld device that can steam clean areas above the floor, or hard to reach areas.
  • Ideal for steam cleaning on the go.
  • Great for multiple types of flooring.


  • It can be a bit cumbersome to carry around because of the removable handheld steam cleaner.

Swiffer and Bissell SteamBoost Mop

Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop with...
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The Swiffer and Bissell SteamBoost Mop is ideal for tile floors.

It uses a steam-activated cleaning pad that combines dirt-dissolving cleaners and steam to help fight almost any mess you might find. After you’ve finished cleaning, you’ll simply need to throw away the pad that has collected all the debris and nastiness.

This package includes the SteamBoost steam mop as well as scented steam pads to use when cleaning.

It’s ideal if you’re looking for an easy solution to steam cleaning. It makes removing stains and debris easy and cleaning is a breeze when all you have to do is throw away a pad.


  • It makes cleaning easy with removable pads that are designed to simply be thrown away when cleaning is completed.
  • Extra steam pads are provided so you won’t have to run to the store when it arrives.
  • Good for multiple types of surfaces, but excels at cleaning tile floors.


  • Eventually, you will need to buy replacement pads once the included supply runs out.

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Powerful...
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Dupray’s Neat Steam Cleaner brings a modern aesthetic to the steam mop industry.

You’ll find it’s sleekly designed as the vacuum cord runs through a white box that powers the steam itself. It’s incredibly powerful and ideal for commercial purposes.

It’s great for residential use, too. However, some of the features will lend themselves more to those in an industrial or commercial setting.

The mop itself is fairly portable and can reach most areas. If you find that you’re still having a hard time, don’t worry. It comes with a whopping 18 different accessories to fit whatever need you may have.

From tile floors to windows, to cars, you’ll be able to steam clean it all with this multipurpose steam mop and cleaner.

Accessories include a variety of tools, tubs, cloths, brushes, and other accessories that increase its user-friendliness.

It’s the ideal steam mop for someone looking for versatility in a commercial setting.


  • It comes with an outstanding 18 different accessories to help it tackle any need you have.
  • At 275 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s extremely powerful. Tile floors that have stuck-on stains that have lasted a long time won’t be a match.
  • The tank capacity is a whopping 54 ounces. This will allow for up to 50 minutes of continuous steam cleaning.
  • Fairly transportable as it comes with a pop-out handle and rolling wheels.


  • It requires approximately seven minutes to fully heat up. Ensure that you’ve got it in the best space possible before you begin cleaning.

Bissell Steam Mop, Sapphire PowerFresh Deluxe

Bissell Steam Mop, Steamer, Tile, Hard...
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The Sapphire PowerFresh Deluxe is a great option for those who want spot cleaning within a steam mop for tile floors.

The cleaning pad attachment can be removed, leaving a small tube at the end of your steam mop. This creates an ideal device for spot cleaning. Messes on tile floors won’t be an issue as you’ll quickly be able to clean it on the spot without wasting much time.

It heats within 30 seconds and allows you to choose between high or low seam settings depending on the toughness you need at the time.

As a bonus, it releases a fresh fragrance while in use that will replace the old, dirty smell of whatever mess you’re cleaning up.


  • Great for spot cleaning.
  • It comes with a spot boost brush accessory to remove stains that are harder to come out.
  • The cord length comes in at an excellent length of 25 feet.
  • Features swivel steering to reach under areas without bending over.


  • The water tank is relatively small. Although, it’s easily refillable by using a cup.

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop, 1940

Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop with...
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The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop offers you the advantage of choosing between steam settings. This will allow you to control the power for the situation that you’re in.

Often, powerful steam mops only come with one power setting. This will waste a lot of electricity if it’s not needed and may take longer to heat up as well.

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Through this one, simply choose from high, medium, or low settings based on your cleaning needs and go to town.

It heats up within 30 seconds and comes with a 23-foot power cord. Other accessories include a microfiber soft pad, a scrubby bad, fragrance discs, and a carpet glider.


  • Great for tile floors.
  • It allows you to choose the power settings that make the most sense for your needs.
  • It comes with accessories that enable you to clean and tackle tougher messes.


  • The steam settings are known to be slightly inconsistent and may have varying temperatures.

What to Consider When Buying a Steam Mop for Tile

Knowing the best steam mops for tile floors is great, but it can remain unclear which one is best for you.

The answer is: it depends. Different circumstances and environments will require different models that are more effective at handling the situation.

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Cord Length

The cord length is one thing that is vastly underrated by most consumers.

Take into account the rooms or areas you’re going to want to use your steam mop in. Are these areas larger, or smaller?

If you find that they’re larger, it’s important to look for cord lengths that are at least 20 feet, if not 25 feet. The longer the better. You’ll want to be able to reach all the corners of a room without having to constantly switch power outlets and heat your steam cleaner back up

Heat-Up Time

If you’re in a commercial or residential environment that is prone to accidents that can be tough to clean, you’re going to want a steam cleaner that can tackle the mess quickly. This will help you remove and fight stains and messes easier.

Look for steam cleaners that can heat up within 30 seconds. Some may be shorter, but others may take several minutes.

Water Tank Size

The size of your water tank will ultimately save you a lot of headaches, or cause many of them.

If you’re going to use your steam mop daily, consider looking for a large water tank. Anything above 10 ounces is going to last for quite some time.

If you know you’re going to have a prolonged cleaning session regularly, having a large water tank will help you clean the area(s) faster. Having one that is too small will require a lot of time to constantly refill and reheat it.


The amount of accessories that your steam mop comes with, or is at least compatible with, is going to make a large impact on the way you clean and how effective it is.

If you’re simply going to target tile floors you aren’t going to need any attachments.

However, those who want to clean countertops, grout, or other tough-to-reach areas are going to want steam cleaners that offer many attachments and accessories to help them.

Look for brush accessories and scrubbing tools to help fight stuck-on stains that can be difficult to remove without.


In the end, a high quality steam mop can make a huge impact on the cleanliness of your household or commercial area.

They’re incredibly effective at cleaning and won’t harm any of the surfaces it cleans. They’re a great option if you’re looking to increase the longevity of your flooring.

Finding the best steam mop for tile floors will depend on your current situation and what features matter the most to you.

Review this article and take note of what to consider before making your final decision.

Soon, you’ll be steam cleaning with the best of them.

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