Best Vacuums for Soft, Plush Carpet: Reviews & Buying Guide

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If your home or apartment has a bit of a retro or old school theme going on, your home is probably chocked full of bright colors, unique patterns, bizarre furniture, and premium plush carpet. Furnishing your home for this style is relatively easy in 2020, but maintaining the quality of these uncommon features requires a little extra effort on your part. In particular, your soft carpet.

Plush carpet is instrumental in providing your home with a welcoming and comforting feeling when guests first arrive, but vacuuming and cleaning plush carpet after your guests finally leave is somewhat more complicated.

Because of the unique design of plush carpet including its dense weave and its ability to soak up stains and debris more easily, vacuuming and cleaning both require a more specialized approach.
To guarantee cleanliness and extend the lifespan of your plush carpet, you should invest in a high-quality vacuum that can handle the specifics without risking its integrity.

Deciding which vacuum cleaner is best for plush carpet can be an extensive and stressful process in which you may never find an accurate answer at the end. To simplify this process, we compiled a list of the best vacuums for plush carpet and key features to look for in the ideal vacuum.

In the list below, we will overview some of the top products on the market and the key features, pros, and cons of each.

Best Vacuums for Soft Plush Carpet (Updated)

Kenmore Elite 81714 Ultra Plush Canister Vacuum

When it comes to high-quality plush vacuum cleaners, this model capitalizes on all of the major features you would need for your treasured plush carpet. With an adjustable Power Control mode and the ability to use the vacuum on all types of flooring, you can guarantee the vacuum will be ideal for your plush carpet without causing any damage.

In addition to these important plush carpet features, the vacuum also comes with four hose attachments to allow you to get into those difficult tight crevices and remove dirt from tricky furniture and household items. If you live in a home with stairs, you can vacuum your stairs without worrying about your vacuum cleaner falling over, made possible as a result of the stair grip feature in its construction.

To make this vacuum even more versatile, it weighs about 22 pounds to allow for greater stability and has a wand tool that is capable of extending up to 10 feet for greater reach. This vacuum is also very highly regarded for its ability to remove pet hair and dander from any surface or furniture within your home.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 22 pounds
  • 26-foot power cord
  • 10-foot reach with hose attachments


  • Variable power control for any flooring type
  • Has a retractable cord
  • High-powered pet hair removal system


  • Canister design is more difficult to maneuver than a regular vacuum
  • It’s pretty heavy at 22 pounds

Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass

Despite its high-powered suction claims, this vacuum does have a manually-adjustable setting that allows you to select the type of flooring you’re vacuuming, which is perfect for reducing the suction power when vacuuming your plush carpet. With OnePass technology, this vacuum ensures that debris and dirt will be sucked up without repeatedly going over the area, no matter what type of floor you’re vacuuming.

The vacuum is moderately lightweight at a mere 15 pounds but sports a relatively large capacity 2-liter dirt tank to reduce the frequency in which you’ll have to clean and empty the tank. The suction provided by the vacuum also encourages the vacuum to separate dirt and debris once they’re sucked up, which ultimately extends the lifespan of your vacuum’s filter.

To provide greater versatility, the vacuum comes with a TurboBrush tool that allows you to powerfully suck up dirt and debris on fabric, furniture, and small sections of flooring by using a high-powered motorized hand tool. It also comes with an extension tool and attachments that allow you to target other unique areas of your home where dust and dirt seem to accumulate most.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 15 pounds
  • 25-foot power cord
  • 2-liter dirt tank


  • OnePass technology for enhanced suction
  • Adjustable suction based on the type of floor
  • High-capacity dirt tank


  • Carpet-type adjustment requires the manual turning of a knob

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

With a brush roll shut-off feature, this vacuum is capable of clearing your plush carpet of dirt and debris without causing damage as a result of a consistently active brush roll. At an impressive 13.7 pounds, you’ll also be able to comfortably push this vacuum over your plush carpeting without becoming easily fatigued or injured.

The cleaning process is seriously simplified with this vacuum’s Lift-Away technology that allows you to remove the vacuum canister for cleaning after just a simple touch of a button. Also included in the vacuum’s design is an allergen trapping system that captures 99.9% of allergens and dust sucked up while vacuuming your carpet.

When you purchase this vacuum, you’ll also receive an extended crevice tool for reaching into those hard to reach corners and edges, a dusting attachment for hard floor cleaning, and a pet power brush to help you to remove hair from your carpet and furniture. Mobility is further guaranteed with a swivel steering construction that allows you to maneuver the vacuum more easily than other vacuums allow.

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Key Features:

  • Weighs 13.7 pounds
  • 30-foot power cord
  • Removes 99.9% of dust and allergens


  • Brush roll shut-off feature for delicate carpet
  • Somewhat lightweight at 13.7 pounds
  • Swivel steering for maneuverability


  • Has a somewhat small dirt tank

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum

This vacuum offers an exceptional five settings that you can transition between depending on the type of carpet and flooring you’re vacuuming as well as the height of the carpet in each room. Weighing in at under 17 pounds, this vacuum is easy to maneuver across your plush carpet, from room to room, and even up the stairs.

With the addition of WindTunnel technology, this vacuum is capable of sucking up dirt and debris from deep within your carpet without damaging the carpet or becoming entangled at the same time. When you’re done vacuuming, you can automatically rewind and retract the cord with the simple tap of a foot pedal that triggers this feature.

For those hard to reach places that seem to always collect dust and dirt, you can take advantage of this vacuum’s crevice tool for tight spots and corners, a dusting brush for more delicate objects and fabrics, and its air-powered turbo tool that essentially provides you with a hand-held vacuum. For an even greater extended reach, this vacuum’s hose is capable of stretching up to 8 feet.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 16.5 pounds
  • Rewindable 25-foot power cord
  • 8-foot stretch hose


  • Five adjustable carpet height settings
  • Wind Tunnel technology for optimal dirt removal and suction
  • Easy to carry upstairs and push from room to room


  • Have to manually choose between the five carpet settings

Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

This is another high-quality vacuum designed specifically for soft carpets, including almost any variety of plush carpet. By using the vacuums easy-access foot pedals, you can easily adjust the vacuum’s current suction to adapt to the type of floor or carpet you’re vacuuming, whether that’s a hardwood floor or different types of carpet.

The Electro Plus floorhead was designed to target soft carpet by simply gliding over the carpet and churning up the embedded dirt and debris. When used at the highest adjustable setting, you can easily remove the dirt from your medium carpet without causing damage or having the carpet become entrapped in the brush roll.

In addition to a 180-degree rotating swivel neck, you can also reach those hard to reach places by using this vacuum’s included attachments such as its upholstery tool for fabrics and delicate furniture, a dusting brush for higher areas or fragile fabric, and a crevice to get deep inside corners and small creases. While vacuuming, the AirClean system of this vacuum will prevent the release of dust or allergens back into the air once they’ve been sucked up by the vacuum.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 20 pounds
  • 36-foot power cord
  • 1200 Watts of power


  • Easy-access foot pedal suction adjustment
  • 180-degree swivel neck
  • AirClean system to retain dirt and dust once it’s sucked up


  • More difficult to maneuver than typical push vacuums

iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum

This extremely popular robot vacuum cleaner truly lives up to the hype that surrounds it and it even includes a feature that automatically adjusts the settings of the cleaning head depending on the type of carpet and height of the carpet its vacuuming. To target its full potential, this robot focuses more on areas with higher levels of debris, but will still vacuum all accessible floor surfaces.

During its 90 minutes of continuous runtime, this robot vacuum will utilize its array of sensors to navigate around and under furniture to maximize the square footage vacuumed and debris removed per session. When it comes to corners and edges, the addition of the edge sweeping brush allows the vacuum to carefully remove dust and dirt from those hard to reach corners and edges.

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This vacuum is the most convenient vacuum you can purchase for any carpet or floor, not just plush carpet. Once 90 minutes have passed, the vacuum will automatically return itself to its charging port to prepare for its next run. It’s important to note that, with this vacuum, you’ll have to empty the dirt tank much more frequently.

Key Features:

  • 90 minute run time
  • Included charging port
  • Fully cordless vacuum


  • Automatically adjusts to the type and height of the carpet
  • Able to reach corners and edges with its edge sweeping brush
  • Docks and recharges without a required human interference


  • Can only hold so much dirt and debris due to its small size
  • Requires more frequent emptying

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner XL

This extra-large lightweight vacuum offers a uniquely simple design that still includes several features and technological tools that capture the essence of what it means to be a great vacuum. With the inclusion of Microsweep technology, the vacuum will automatically adjust its suction and brush roller settings based on the type of floor you’re vacuuming, which is perfect when going from hardwood floor to plush carpet.

This vacuum is incredibly easy to operate as a result of its Helping Hand Handle that allows you to turn the vacuum on and off from the handle while also providing an easy to use construction for those with arthritis or painful joints. To protect furniture and walls and absorb the most dirt, the vacuum offers side bumpers and an edging brush.

This is by far one of the most lightweight vacuums available on the market at 8 pounds, but its lighter weight doesn’t impact its ability to provide high suction and power on all surfaces. It’s incredibly easy to maneuver this vacuum under and around furniture with its furniture-friendly design that rivals those of the more popular vacuums.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 8 pounds
  • 35-foot power cord
  • 12-inch wide path


  • Automatically adjusts suction based on the type of carpet
  • Easy to turn on and off with handle power controls
  • Furniture friendly design for a maximal maneuverability


  • It doesn’t have additional tools or attachments
  • Requires replaceable bags

Oreck Magnesium RS Swivel-Steering Upright Vacuum

This vacuum boasts some of Oreck’s best vacuum features while providing a significantly more modern vacuum design than the typical Oreck vacuum. Perfect for plush carpet, this vacuum automatically adjusts to the height of the carpet that you’re currently vacuuming to protect the carpet and suck up as much dirt as possible. As you transition from room to room, this vacuum will adjust its settings accordingly.

In the rare case that your longer carpet or other materials and fabrics become lodged within the vacuum head, the vacuum will automatically turn off to prevent further jamming of the brush roll. The vacuum also traps an impressive 99.97% of dust and allergens within its dirt tank to reduce the influx of airborne allergens that sometimes occurs immediately after vacuuming the carpet.

Like the typical Oreck design, this vacuum provides a swivel construction that allows you to easily maneuver around objects and furniture while also being able to vacuum under even the lowest of furniture. Mobility is further guaranteed as a result of the weight of this vacuum, which weighs in at less than 8 pounds, which is much lighter than almost any other vacuum.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 7.7 pounds
  • 30-foot power cord
  • Traps 99.97% of dust particles


  • Vacuum automatically adjusts to carpet type and height
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver at 7.7 pounds
  • Swivel design for tight turns and maneuvering under low furniture


  • Could become tangled when vacuuming your longer carpet

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Origin High-Performance HEPA Filter Upright Corded Vacuum

This vacuum was built to handle any type of floor or carpet and automatically adjusts its setting based on the type of floor or carpet you’re vacuuming. To aid in maneuverability and ease of use, this vacuum’s ball technology allows you to easily turn and swivel the vacuum without requiring any extra effort or force.

As if its ability to move more freely and easily wasn’t enough, the vacuum also comes with wand and hose tools to allow you to vacuum some harder to reach areas that regular vacuuming can’t handle. Whether you’re targeting more delicate fabric and furniture, embedded pet hair, or crevices and corners, this vacuum has an attachment that can perform those duties.

To capitalize on digging out deep and embedded dirt, the vacuum’s bristles are significantly stiffer and shorter than the typical vacuum without affecting the vacuum’s overall performance. Once your dirt tank is nearing capacity, you can easily remove it for emptying, all with the simple touch of a button.

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Key Features:

  • Weighs 17.4 pounds
  • 35-foot power cord
  • Additional tools and hose extension


  • Self-adjusts to the height of the carpet
  • Simplified steering with ball technology
  • Shorter and stiffer vacuum bristles


  • Relatively small wheels which could prove difficult for plush carpet

Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum was built specifically for plush carpet, but it still allows you to adjust its settings to better match your carpet vacuuming needs. With a digital controlled motor, you’ll be able to choose between two cleaning modes that allow you to target hard floors and carpet or more soiled carpet sections.

The inclusion of a soft bristle brush roll allows the vacuum to gently brush your soft, plush carpet while also stimulating the release of debris and dirt from within the carpet. Dirt removal is further guaranteed with this vacuum’s sonic cleaning technology that helps to release dirt from the carpet by causing the vacuum bar that is capable of vibrating about 200 times per minute.

If by any chance your carpet becomes tangled within the brush bar while you’re vacuuming, the vacuum will automatically turn off to allow you to address the situation without damaging the vacuum’s motor or your carpet. In addition to added technology features included to better suit plush carpet, this design also includes larger rubber wheels for ease of mobility and lightweight construction for easier and extended use.

Key Features:

  • Weighs 10.5 pounds
  • 35-foot power cord
  • 7-inch clearance from the ground


  • Digitally controlled motor for different types of carpet and floor
  • Soft bristle brush and sonic cleaning technology to reduce debris and dirt
  • Lightweight design with larger wheels


  • Only capable of vacuuming carpets up to one inch in length

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few more that just missed our list:

What to Consider When Buying a Vacuum for Soft Plush Carpet

As evident in the list of vacuums above, you can’t just purchase a regular vacuum cleaner and expect it to perform well on your plush carpet as you intended. A plush carpet vacuum cleaner requires special features and specifications that make it more suitable for this type of carpet.

When you’re looking for a vacuum for your plush carpet, you don’t necessarily need a vacuum that only works on your plush carpet. However, you do need to make sure that the vacuum you choose can be adapted to the variety of carpets you have in your home.

Here are some major features you should look for when purchasing a vacuum for your home’s plush carpet.

Lightweight Construction

Due to the density of your plush carpet, pushing a vacuum around on top of it is made a little bit more difficult. For a smaller section of carpet, you won’t notice much of a difference, but when you’re vacuuming an entire room or home full of plush carpet, it requires much more energy on your part to physically push the vacuum around.

When you use a lightweight vacuum, you’ll find it easier to push the vacuum across your carpet, carry it from room to room, bring it upstairs, and maneuver some tighter spaces. As the designs of vacuums are becoming more advanced, lightweight construction is becoming much more common and mainstream, so it’s likely most of your viable options are already lightweight.


Without ventilation features in your vacuum, your vacuum is more likely to get stuck on your plush carpet due to the design and density associated with plush carpet. When a vacuum includes ventilation features, there is less of a direct and powerful suction on the area of the carpet being vacuumed which, in the long-term, reduces damage to your carpet and the vacuum itself.

Brush Features

If you resort to purchasing a vacuum cleaner that has a brush or bar, the best thing you can do is make sure that you can turn this feature off when vacuuming your plush carpet. Depending on the weave pattern of your carpeting, a brush or bar can damage your carpet or your carpet can become tangled in the brush roller.

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner solely for your plush carpet, there are vacuums that were designed without brushes or bars. However, if this vacuum will also be used on other types of carpet and flooring, getting a vacuum with an on/off brush function will be suitable as well.

Some vacuums also automatically adjust their brush and suction settings depending on the type of carpet being vacuumed. This is the most convenient option when it comes to buying a vacuum for your plush carpet.

Large Wheels

Purchasing a vacuum with larger wheels is perhaps the easiest way to muster through the arduous process of vacuuming your plush carpet. With larger wheels, your vacuum will be able to maneuver the dense weave of your plush carpet without becoming trapped or requiring extra physical effort to move it.

Vacuums constructed specifically for soft carpeting usually include large wheels in their design as a default measure. When combined with lightweight construction, vacuuming plush carpet will be a breeze.

Suction Power

Though you might be thinking that a higher-powered suction would be more capable of sucking the debris and dirt out of your soft plush carpet, this feature actually has more potential to damage your carpet and become tangled in the brush rollers of the vacuum. When you purchase a vacuum with more gentle suction power, you’re guaranteeing your plush carpet longevity and quality.

Once again, there is the possibility that you’ll be using this vacuum on other types of flooring. If this is the case, you can look for a vacuum that allows you to adjust the suction power depending on your vacuuming needs.

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If you have a plush carpet somewhere in your home, having a vacuum cleaner that supports this type of carpet is important to help you care for your carpet properly. When you’re searching for the perfect soft carpet vacuum cleaner, it helps to pick a vacuum that’s lightweight, is vented, has no brush (or can be turned off or adjusted), has larger wheels, and provides a lower amount of suction.

Given all of these ideal qualities, we were able to compile a list of 10 vacuums that each has most or all of these features. Of the 10 items on our list, our top recommendation would be the Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Not only is the Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner moderately lightweight and easy to maneuver, but it’s also tough on dirt, has adjustable suction power settings, and has an automatic shutoff feature in case of entanglement. It’s also designed specifically for soft carpet, which means you’ll absolutely be getting what you pay for.