Best Mops for Vinyl Floors: Reviews & Buying Guide

mop for vinyl floors

Vinyl is an easy solution that breathes new life into old, outdated flooring. It’s often very affordable and a breeze to install. But boy, is it tough to keep looking new. You want to get the absolute best mop for vinyl floors to ensure they are easy to maintain. That’s where we come in. It … Read more

Best Mops for Laminate Floors: Reviews & Buyers Guide

mop for laminate floors

A mop’s a mop, right? You’d certainly be forgiven for thinking so, but there’s actually a lot that goes into a great mop. If you have laminate flooring, you know all too well just how dirty it can get. Even after you’ve freshly mopped, there’s often plenty of grime left behind. Finding the best mop … Read more