Shark NV500 vs NV501: Detailed Comparison

shark nv500 vs nv501

The Shark brand always delivers good vacuums at an affordable price. Out of all the different companies out there, they have one of the biggest selections of products to choose from. One common comparison people often want to read about is the Shark nv500 vs nv501. Although these products are very similar they have some … Read more

How to Empty a Shark Vacuum Step by Step

how to empty shark vacuum

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Dirt Devil Power Express UD20120 Bagless Upright Review

dirt devil power express

Vacuuming can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right vacuum cleaner. Cleaning your floors using a mop isn’t enough to remove the dust and pet hairs. You need to vacuum your home once in a while for the best results. Besides, research shows that vacuuming your home helps eliminate disease-causing pathogens … Read more

Shark Duoclean UV810 Review: Is it Worth It?

shark uv810

Just when you think Shark can’t set the bar any higher, they come out with the UV810 and blow all expectations out of the water. An update to the NV681, Shark’s newer offering takes the best things about the former and adds even more for a nearly perfect package. If you’re thinking about getting a … Read more

Shark NV681 Review: Worth it or Not?

shark nv681

It’s not often that a vacuum comes along that leaves us this impressed. Simply put, we love just about everything the Shark NV681 has to offer. Today, we’re going to share with you the time we spent with this mighty machine. There were times when we didn’t want the tests to end. And it’s not … Read more

Dyson DC39 Review: Is it Worth the Money?

dyson dc39

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Neato Botvac D80 vs D85: Reviews & Buying Guide

neato botvac d80 vs d85

With technology getting better every year, monotonous tasks like vacuuming are becoming more exciting. With the invention of the robot vacuum, homeowners are able to clean their homes more efficiently than ever before. When it comes to robot vacuums, a popular comparison is the Neato Botvac d80 vs the d85. We wanted to find out … Read more

Dyson V6 Vs Dyson DC59: The Ultimate Showdown

dyson dc59 vs v6

The Dyson V6 and DC59 have a lot in common. Yet after we tested each model, there are some clear differences. We’re going to explore those differences in greater detail today as we reveal which vacuum is the better of the two. Each of them rate highly among users, but one of them is the … Read more