Dyson DC39 Review: Is it Worth the Money?

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If you’re reading this review, you’re likely well-aware of Dyson’s superiority among the vacuum market. Dyson consistently delivers top performers that often run circles around much of its competition.

Today, we’re going to put the Dyson DC39 to the test. We want to determine if this vacuum is truly as good as people claim it is, or if it’s all just a bunch of hype. After reading our in-depth review, we’ll help you determine if the DC39 is a good fit for your needs.

Dyson DC39 at a Glance

Make no mistake, Dyson has a long history of quality products. Thanks to expert craftsmanship and innovative designs, each vacuum usually speaks for itself.

Let’s take a moment to quickly discuss a few of the DC39’s best qualities. It has a lot of great things going for it, but we also want to look at anything that gives us pause. If there’s something we don’t like, we’ll be sure to point it out.

Key Features

  • Cyclone suction power
  • Bagless collection
  • Ball technology

Product Specs

  • 750-watt
  • 16 pounds
  • 2-quart capacity


  • Excellent turning capability
  • Onboard storage
  • Strong suction


  • Bulky design
  • Difficult to empty
  • Rather expensive

Why Get the Dyson DC39?

While everything sounds good on paper, we had to try it out to know for sure. In the following sections, we show you just how well the DC39 performed. In the end, we were blown away by how incredibly well Dyson’s ball vacuum did in our testing.

It’s a bit on the bulky side, but it maneuvers like a champ. Its unique design lends to its ability to get to hard-to-reach areas in the home. At 16 pounds, it’s one of the lighter vacuums on the market. Combined with its strong suction and ball technology, the DC39 is easily managed.

We can recommend the Dyson DC39 wholeheartedly. But let’s give you greater details as to why. We’ll cover each feature individually so you get a clear picture of what this Dyson is capable of.

Cyclone Suction Power

This is what makes the DC39 so powerful. The Radial Root Cyclone technology works to increase suction while limiting particles in its airflow. The end result is a vacuum with truly incredible suction power.

Even better, this suction rarely, if ever, loses its power during operation. You can now vacuum more efficiently thanks to this wonderful technology. Many jobs are cut in half because the suction works so well.

So, what did we do to test the DC39’s limits? As with all vacuum tests, we began in the kitchen and worked our way through the house. Floor types differ with nearly each room, giving us a better understanding of how well any given vacuum performs.

The kitchen has hard flooring, which is perfect for seeing how suction does with grooves and sharp corners. Per our testing parameters, we littered the floor with various objects to see what it could and couldn’t pick up.

In our usual test of pennies, rubber bands, and hair pins, the DC39 struggled a bit. The items that it did pick got stuck and resulted in us having to take the vacuum apart to get them out. We don’t recommend trying to pick up heavier objects.

So, what about finer debris? We ran the Dyson over sugar, coffee, and dried rice. After a couple of passes, our kitchen floor was spotless. Everyday dust and debris is handled like a pro, with no bogging down whatsoever.

For tight corners, we whipped out the attachments. This lets you get those pesky dust particles that build up over time. You’re still getting the same high level of suction, regardless of which attachment tool you’re using.

Up next, living room. This where we see how every vacuum does over low carpeting. And let us tell you, the Dyson DC39 shined. We dumped the same food items all over the carpet and put the vacuum to work.

One pass alone gets almost all of the fine particles picked up. The second pass finishes the job completely. Thanks to the DC39’s design, we were able to get under low furniture, like our sofa and coffee table. This requires a lot less bending compared to some other units.

We used the attachments on our sofa and recliner, picking up loose hair left behind by unruly dogs. Pet hair is a big problem in this house, so this test was very important. We would have liked it if there was a pet hair attachment included, but we had to settle with the crevice tool.

It performed adequately well, but we’ve seen other vacuums do a bit better job on upholstery. If there was a really good pet hair tool, it likely would have fared better. On the floor, however, it’s a completely different story.

Pet hair is totally eliminated almost instantly. The suction power is that good. Not having to get down on our hands and knees with an attachment is a big plus.

Next, we hit the carpeted stairs. The DC39 is equipped with a handle, making it a breeze to carry up and down stairways. The crevice tool came in mighty handy here, picking up all manner of debris along the way. Pet hair is collected much better on carpet than it is on upholstery, that’s for sure.

Moving on to the bathroom, we wanted to see how it fared on loose rugs. This is where we ran into some trouble. The suction is so powerful that it wants to suck up the rugs instead of gliding over them. This is a common issue with vacuums, and the DC39 is no different. You can always use an attachment to avoid this if need be.

Lastly, the bedroom. This is where carpet is at its highest and shaggiest. Many vacuums have failed this test, but Dyson’s did remarkably well. We were able to reach under the bed without issue, too.

In the end, the DC39 struggles here and there, but its overall performance is hard to match. If you’re not looking to clean upholstery, we think you’ll be plenty pleased with everything it has to offer.

Bagless Collection

Not having to mess with a bag is a huge plus. It’s nice not having to track down a specific bag or worry about running out. If you’ve been using a traditional upright for any length of time, you know what a pain this can be.

For a vacuum of this style, its dust container’s capacity is rather decent. You get a total of 2 quarts to work with. That being said, you’ll likely find yourself emptying it out often. Depending on how regularly you sweep and what kind of debris you’re sweeping up, your time with this will vary.

The process of emptying is fairly straightforward. Contents are released through a hatch at the bottom of the pull-out dust container. A simple latch opens it up, instantly dumping out whatever is inside.

The problem here is that it’s a two-handed job. It gets a little cumbersome trying to get all the dust and dirt into the trash can. This is especially true when dumping over a smaller receptacle. It’s fairly common to miss some debris due to the container’s bulky shape.

Thankfully, the bottom-mounted hatch works to reduce this as much as possible. The filter is also located in the dust container, making it easy to get to when you need to clean it.

Removing it is a breeze, requiring a simple twist and turn. It’s a good idea to try to clean this at least once a month, as per Dyson’s recommendation. The good thing is, the filter is rated to last a lifetime. This is a big money-saver in itself.

Ball Technology

This is what makes the Dyson DC39 stand out from its competition. The ball system is an amazing innovation that works wonders in how we operate vacuum cleaners.

You really have to try it out to see what all the fuss is about. But let us tell you now, it works like a dream. Standing in one spot, the ball allows the DC39 to rotate 360 degrees without moving off its mark.

As you can imagine, the benefits of this are limitless. If you often struggle pushing and pulling vacuums around, Dyson’s ball technology will change all of that forever. It makes sweeping floors an effortless affair.

At no time did we have to fight with getting the vacuum where we wanted it. The DC39 is so easy to maneuver across floors of all types. Reaching under kitchen chairs and furniture now requires less effort than ever.

The ball feature alone makes this Dyson worth the price of admission. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use vacuum that won’t strain your body, this is it.


We really enjoyed our time with this one. Dyson has once again raised the bar on vacuum cleaners. Sure, it had some missteps here and there. But its incredible performance easily outweighs any complaints. From its fantastic ball technology to its powerful suction, the DC39 is a winner all the way.

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