Neato Botvac D80 vs D85: Reviews & Buying Guide

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With technology getting better every year, monotonous tasks like vacuuming are becoming more exciting. With the invention of the robot vacuum, homeowners are able to clean their homes more efficiently than ever before.

When it comes to robot vacuums, a popular comparison is the Neato Botvac d80 vs the d85. We wanted to find out which option is actually the best so we bought them both and ran them through a series of tests.

Keep reading to see how each of them performed!

Neato Botvac d80 Vs d85 at a Glance


  • Has precision brushes so no dirt is left behind
  • Auto-charge feature that makes it return to charging station
  • Can clean up to 3000 square feet without recharging
  • Lasersmart system maps the room to navigate without bumping into things
  • D-shape design gets into corners


  • Combo brush for various dirt particles
  • Quiet operation on any kind of flooring
  • Ability to schedule a time for the cleaning to begin and stop
  • Automatically goes back to charger when needed
  • Brush is 50% larger than previous models

Botvac d80 Advantages:

  • Provides sufficient suction for larger dirt and dust pieces
  • Lasersmart navigation system cleans without needing direction
  • Automatically charges itself and returns to where it left off

Botvac d85 Disadvantages:

  • The noise level of this model is louder than others
  • Durability is in question due to customer reviews
  • Tends to have some vision sensor issues

Botvac d85 Advantages:

  • Quieter operation than previous models, specifically on hardwood floors
  • Combo brush is better at picking up pet hair than any other brush
  • Sensors are upgraded with more precise movements from room to room

Botvac d85 Disadvantages:

  • Comes at a higher price than the previous version
  • The high-performance filters are more expensive to replace
  • Has boundary markers but they are not included and must be purchased separately

Don’t want to read the full article? The editor’s choice is the Neato Botvac d85!

What’s the Difference Between the Neato Botvac d80 and d85?

Although both of these vacuums are made and sold by the same company, they both offer separate features. Below are the features that make these options great, and how they compare.

Mapping Technology

This feature is one of the best things about a robot vacuum, and the reason that you don’t have to follow it around and move it into the right position. The mapping technology that each of these products is equipped with finds its own path through your house so you don’t have to. However, the mapping navigation that comes with the d80 seems to have a few issues.

There have been cases where customers have seen issues with the navigation and found their vacuum running into walls or cleaning the same space over and over again. This model is older than the upgraded option, and it shows.

The d85 doesn’t have the issues that occurred in the d80. This model offers laser technology that maps each room and makes boundaries of its own.

The more advanced laser technology in the d85 stays on track better than previous versions and stops accidents from happening. There are also boundary markers that you can use with this model so you have extra protection around glass and easy to break items around the house.

Verdict: The winner in this match-up is the Botvac d85.

Automatic Charging

Both the Botvac d80 and d85 have an automatic charging feature that alerts you when it needs more power. The vacuum will stop cleaning and make its way to the charger on its own. It will then return to the spot it was working on before it was alerted. This feature makes it safe and easy to use in a large house or building and allows you to not have to worry about it needing to charge.

Although both of these vacuums have this technology, it doesn’t seem like there was really an upgrade with the newer version. However, the one thing that is different is the fact that the d85 seems to sense when it needs to charge a bit sooner than the d80 model. This is helpful when vacuuming big areas when the vacuum is far away from the charger.

The d80 could potentially lose power on the way back to the charging station because it was not alerted soon enough to ensure that it has enough power to make it. The d85 hasn’t had this issue as much and the difference is enough for the d85 to be the clear winner for vacuuming larger areas.

Verdict: The winner of this match-up is the Botvac d85.


This is often the main feature that many households look at when purchasing a vacuum, and this is where the d80 takes the cake. Although the d85 gives you a great value with the upgraded abilities and quiet operation, the price that you pay for this model may be too much for some people. Coming in at almost $500, it’s not realistic for many people on a budget.

The d80 is priced at around $100 less than the d85. This price is more affordable for many consumers. Also, this model allows for financing options with monthly payments. The newer option is less flexible because it has fewer options. So, when it comes to pricing, the cheaper option – which is still a decent model – beats out the d85.

Verdict: The winner of this match-up is the d80.

Size and Shape

Because the difference in size and shape varies between a lot of models, we thought it was worth it to mention this as a feature. However, when it comes to the shape and size of these two models, they are almost identical. Both of these models come with the Neato D-shape design that allows it to get into tighter spaces and closer to walls than other options on the market.

However, because the dimensions of these two models are the same, this feature is the same with both. The slight difference is the fact that the high-performance filters on the d85 weigh a bit more than the ones on the d80. This causes the d85 to be a little bigger and heavier than the competitor. It only causes a difference of a few ounces, so this doesn’t weigh down the vacuum as it works.

So, although the shape and size are almost exactly the same, the slightly bigger version gives you overall better performance. This makes it the winner in this category.

Verdict: The winner of this match-up is the d85.

Noise Level

Robotic vacuums tend to be a lot quieter than a regular vacuum, but there are differences between each model that make some noisier than others. When comparing the d80 and the d85, we found that the former has a louder operation than the latter. Because it operates with older technology, the upgrades that have been added to the d85 make it significantly quieter while it’s cleaning.

This is great for use in offices, or at home when other people are around and working. You don’t want to be interrupted during a phone call with a loud vacuum noise, and with the d85, that won’t happen. The motor that is used for the brushes in the d80 is older, and it tends to have a higher-pitched sound with a louder noise level.

The d85 has a quieter motor that uses high-performance technology to be able to do the same level of cleaning without the need for a loud noise. This makes it easy to use in any space, whether you are at home, or would like to use it at your place of business. The noise is only a slight buzz that is similar to a stove burner being turned, which should not disturb others.

Verdict: The winner of this match-up is the d85.

Type of Brushes

Vacuums all have different brushes that work better to pick up certain types of debris and dust particles. Some work better or fine hair and others work best for bigger dust bunnies. Both the d80 and the d85 have brushes that work to pick up multiple types of debris. The d80 has the SpinFlow System that uses vacuum suction with a precision brush to get all the dirt and dust on off the floor.

This system enables the d80 to work with larger dust bunnies, but also makes it powerful enough to pick up hair as well. However, the d85 has it beat. The d85 model has a spiral brush and combo brush with suction that works to pick up all types of debris. Whether your floor has fine dirt, dust bunnies, or pet hair, this vacuum can handle it all.

The spiral brush spins to help pick up long hair and particles and have them suctioned up without needing to go back over the same area again, while the combo brush is great at picking up all pet hair on any kind of flooring. Pet hair can take a lot of work to completely rid your floors of it, but the d85 does it with ease and can be used on carpet or hardwood flooring.

Also, even when you use this model on hard flooring, it will stay quieter than the other model even when picking up pet hair and other larger dust bunnies or other larger debris.

Verdict: The winner of this match-up is the d85.


Comparing the Neato Botvac d80 and d85 has shown that the d85 comes out ahead in several ways. In our tests the d85 has an edge in almost all categories. With the superior features, quieter operation, and high-performance motor, this model is our top pick.

Not only will this newer model work better on any type of flooring in your home, but you can also schedule times for it to come on, or let it run whenever you want it to with the press of a button. Plus, with the ability to pick up pet hair, this model is great value.

If you are looking for something more affordable, the d80 is still a good option though, and it may just be good enough for your needs.

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